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Benefits of Turf Over Traditional Grass Lawns

Benefits of Turf Over Traditional Grass Lawns

For years, traditional, seeded grass has been the standard for Massachusetts homeowners looking to have a beautiful lawn. However, in recent years there has been a huge shift in homeowners instead opting for turf and artificial grass lawns. Artificial Lawn Store is proud to supply Massachusetts home and business owners with a variety of options suited to their exact needs and desires at unbeatable prices. From ecological advantages, cost and maintenance benefits, and more, there are dozens of reasons to opt for a turf or artificial lawn in Massachusetts. Continue reading below as we break down some of the best reasons to make the switch from traditional grass.

Save on Maintenance and Bills

One qualm homeowners often have with turf is that the installation costs can be high. While this may be the case, this upfront cost can result in massive savings down the road! Contrary to grass, turf requires virtually no maintenance once it is laid in your yard or garden. Gone are the days of worrying about mowing, trimming, and fertilizing your yard to keep it looking pristine. Instead, turf offers the same beauty while leaving you with savings on mowers, weed whackers, water bills, and fertilizer. Even if your home has kids or pets that will constantly be playing and making use of your turf yard, Artificial Lawn store offers turf that will outlast most other elements of your home.

Lifetime Benefits of Turf

Of course, lack of maintenance and spending makes turf highly desirable in Massachusetts, but there is much more to the benefits of turf.
Turf as a whole is far more durable than grass lawns. High-quality turf like that offered at Artificial Lawn Store uses specialized grass blades that are resistant to sun fading meaning you can have a green, healthy lawn 24/7 365. More importantly, turf is highly resistant to insects, pests, and diseases meaning you can keep your peace of mind when children and pets are enjoying their new turf lawn in Massachusetts. This same protection can also prove to be a healthier choice for the local environment as a whole.

Environmental Advantages of Turf

Turf itself is so green it will make your neighbors jealous, but did you know that it is also green in an environmental sense? The lack of watering can save on your annual use of water as well as potentially harmful fertilizers. On top of this, an absence of mowers and other gas-powered tools and equipment commonly used in yard care means no more carbon emissions and footprint simply to have a stunning yard. By making carbon emissions, water waste, and fertilizers obsolete, turf purchased through Artificial Lawn Store is a popular choice for Massachusetts homeowners looking for a greener alternative without settling for an unhealthy-looking lawn.

Shop Artificial Lawn Store’s Turf Options

Whether you are a home or business owner, there are various reasons why making the switch to turf has become so common in Massachusetts. Are you interested in making the switch yourself? Artificial Lawn Store offers a range of quality turf options that will save time, money, and the environment! Visit our online store today or our warehouse to view our full line of wholesale turf options for installation.

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