Artificial Lawn Store


Artificial Lawn Store

Best Turf Products and Materials Tailored to New England Market

Welcome To Your Artificial Lawn Store!

As artificial turf specialists, we carry all the materials and supplies you need to make your synthetic grass project a success. Whether you’re an experienced artificial grass contractor or a DIY enthusiast, we have what you need.

Our warehouse is always full of the finest artificial grass, infill products, installation tools and accessories in the US, all ready for you to pickup today.

And as a long-time artificial grass contractor turned wholesale artificial grass supplier, Artificial Lawn Store is also a great resource for any type of installer.

We Love DIY Installers!

The Artificial Lawn Store makes it easy to install a beautiful, low-maintenance synthetic lawn on your own. We're a one-stop for everything DIY enthusiasts need to do just that.


Wholesale Artificial Grass,
Lowest Possible Prices.

As artificial turf contractors ourselves, we know that running out of materials during an installation job means serious trouble—and we want to help you avoid that at all costs.

That’s why we provide the market’s best prices on artificial grass materials and make sure we always have them in stock.

That way, if you run low or need to re-order, we’ll be there for you with the product you need.

We also make sure that everything we sell is of the highest quality available—so you know that when your customers buy from you, they’re getting the best possible product for their money.

That means that when you work with the Artificial Lawn Store, we’ll make sure you have what you need to do your job confidently.

Spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about supply chain issues!

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